egtCAM5 DOORS is the product dedicated to doors and frames design and manufacturing on numerical control machines. It consists of two parts: the first for doors design (EgtDOORCreator); the second for specific door machining. The purpose of egtCAM5 DOORS is to get a significant increase in productivity by simplifying all the stages from the design to the finished product.

Door design EgtDOORCreation

  • Parametric design of single or double doors with
    or without jambs.
  • Possibility to define dimensions, type of opening,
    shape (eg. rectangular or arched), over material.
  • Addition and positioning of the hardware managed
    by a specific library.
  • Dimensioned drawing creation and printing.
  • Possibility to organize production lots.

Hardware library management

    • Creation and modification of hardware, grouped
      by type: locks, hinges, pivots, stop and closers, roller
      latches, grooves, bolts, edge pulls, flush pulls.
    • Creation of slots grouped by type: light cutouts,
      viewers, mail slots, louver cutout.
    • Copy and customization of existing models.
    • Archiving by brand and model.
    • Managing thousands of models.

Tool libraries and machining management

  • Tool library: drill bits, milling cutters, blades, chisels.
  • Creation, modification and saving of tools setup.
  • Machining library: drilling, milling, sawing,
    contouring, pocketing.


  • Automatic definition and positioning of raw parts
    on the machine table with fixtures.
  • Definition of processing by type of hardware.
  • Automatic machining selection depending on the
    hardware used.
  • Customization of the processes to be applied, both
    in automatic and manual mode.
  • Automatic calculation of processing on multiple
    machines if necessary.


  • Specific machine model creation for machining simulation
    that stays true to reality.
  • Virtual milling to verify the finished part appearance.
  • Collision check between tools, part, machine fixed parts,
    machine mobile parts.
  • Estimate of machining times and tool consumption.

Production management and Industry 4.0

  • Management of raw materials and projects with
    Barcode, QR code or RFID.
  • Automatic management of production queues.
  • Integration between design, planning and workshop
    departments, by sharing the same library of
    hardware and projects.
  • Integration with the company management system,
    via ddf file (door description file).

EgtCAM5 for WOOD

    EgtCAM5 for BEAMS & WALLS

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