egtCAM5 WOOD is the software for the design and processing of wooden parts, withgeneric geometry, both 2D and 3D, to be machined on CNC machines with 3 to 5 axes.

2D and 3D geometry

  • 2D elements (including lines, arcs, circles, chamfers,
    fillets, polygons, texts…).
  • 3D elements (including surfaces, regions, extrusions,
    revolutions, swept…).
  • Creation and management of parts and layers.
  • Edit tools (including union, explosion, extension, cut,
    curves height, color and transparency management,
    layer change…).
  • 2D and 3D transformations (including translation,
    rotation, mirroring, scaling, offset…).
  • Quick setting of drawing grids parallel to the
    reference planes.
  • Setting drawing grids by three points, in a plane
    orthogonal to a curve in a given point, positioned
    on a 3D geometric entity.
  • Translation of the grid and possibility of determining
    its origin.

Import of goemteric models

  • Standard formats: dxf, stl, IGES, STEP.
  • Other formats: ACIS, PARASOLID.
  • NC file: cnc, mpf, xpi.
  • Points file: pnt, xyz.
  • Images: png, jpg, jpeg, bmp.

Tool libraries and Processing management

  • Tool library: drill bits, milling cutters, blades, chisels,
    chain mortisers…
  • Parametric drawing of tools.
  • Creation, modification and saving of tools setup.
  • Machining library: drilling, milling, sawing, contouring,
    pocketing, surface roughing, surface finishing,
    chiseling, mortising…
  • Management of machining parameters, including
    radial and longitudinal offset, tool compensation,
    machining side, safety distance, overlap, step type,
    lead in and lead out parameters…
  • Choice of tool for each machining in the library
    and customization of tool parameters for each one.


  • Definition and positioning of one or more raw parts
    on the machine table, eventually with fixtures.
  • Positioning of parts in raw parts with manual or
    automatic nesting.
  • Manual or automatic application of the machining
    to the geometries on paths and surfaces.
  • 2,5 axis machining for panels and such.
  • 3 axis machining for low reliefs, plaques and such.
  • 3+2 axis machining for doors, beams, windows
    and such.
  • 5 axis machining for generic parts (eg. chairs,
    design objects, sculptures…).


  • Specific machine model creation for machining
    simulation that stays true to reality.
  • Virtual milling to verify the finished part appea-
  • Collision check between tools, parts, machine fixed
    parts, machine mobile parts.
  • Estimate of machining times and tool consumption.

Production management and Industry 4.0

  • Integration with the company management system.
  • Specific solutions for the management of machines
    and production cells and for part and lot traceability
    throughout the process from design to realization.


    EgtCAM5 for BEAMS & WALLS

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